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We are not like your normal Used Car Dealer. Yes, we offer all the usual used car dealer facilities, but we do so much more for you than that.


Used Cars of Sussex boasts over 60 years of experience in the used car industry. We understand that the customer is at the heart of our business and provide a no-pressure environment where our sales people will help you to buy a car rather than try to sell you one. We treat our customers like human beings and provide fair, honest prices and advice.

Our Cars

We have long-standing relationships with a wide range of suppliers from within Sussex and beyond. This means that we can afford to be picky with the cars we choose. The benefit of this to you is that you are choosing your next car from a selection of the best used cars in Sussex! We have a high turnover of stock so are constantly searching for worthy vehicles, looking for the best examples of the cars you want.

All our cars are personally chosen by us, so we know every car that we sell. The cars that are lucky enough to be chosen by us undergo thorough pre-sale inspections. Our skilled mechanics look for any hidden issues and make sure they are fixed before our cars are put up for sale.

As you would expect, all our cars are sold with a minimum 6 Month MOT but we will usually make sure there is a full 12 months MOT on your car.

We know you will love our friendly sales people. Used Cars of Sussex provides a no-pressure, advisory buying environnment. We listen to what you want and will happpily spend time with you to help you choose your next car but if you prefer to browse alone; just tell us and we will leave you to it. We have learnt that every customer is different and we have built our success on providing what you want, not what we want.

We want to exceed your expectations all the way through the used car buying process. Your journey begins when you buy the car but it does not end when you drive away! As well as offering the usual dealer facilities, we have exceptional after sales service and see you as a customer for life. We understand that you have a lot of choice so we make sure we look after every customer to the absolute best of our ability.

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